A collaborative mind means having several unique viewpoints come together for something bigger (and better) than the individual self.

Who is behind the open mind?

(In no particular order)

Matt Wood (aka Clarence):
Matt is a burning man virgin and carpentry robot. He likes to build things and problem solve in real life (Sometimes in the virtual world). He neither looks nor acts like anyone named Keanu. Really. Not at all. Matt is a red seal carpenter with his own company and he has a dog named Mr. Scribbles. Matt’s hero is Terry Fox and he likes homemade nachos. Matt feels weird writing about himself in the third person.

Kym (too cool for a playa name) Spencer:
Build experience: Last year, a group of local Burners arranged build-days at a local wood-shop where we shared skills, experiences and ideas while creating our piece. As we were building two “Effitrees” we met on evenings and weekends in order to complete the works in a timely manner.

I have been involved in building and burning of 3 effigies: 2 for our local regional festival, Otherworld (2010 and 2011), as well as the CORE Effitree 2011 as Dryad lead/main artist. I’ve also created signage, doors, props and costumes for local events since 2003 such as “Burn In The Forest” and “Recompression” (both in Vancouver, BC), “Critical Massive” (WA) and “Otherworld” (Victoria B.C.).

My personal relevant experience includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree – Visual Arts (painting and sculpture), work as a residential framer/contractor and greatly influenced by my parents who were both architects.

Cam Bremner:
Yes. I am a licensed pyro and fireworks tech. Have experience with open flame, flame effects, and pyro art pieces. Have constructed large flame cannons and firing control systems.

At Recompression 2010 I was part of the Disaster Area team where we used two large accumulator poofers which were fired by a custom controller I designed and built. This was part of a backline for an open flame fire dance performance.

We also fired the Pillar Of Creation, a flame effect that shoots 50 lbs of liquid propane straight up through a super-heated nozzle in about 20 seconds creating a stream of fire about 100 feet high.

Various Canada Day and Halloween display (professional) fireworks shows between 2008 and 2012

Various smaller theatrical effects shots. Concussions, small flashes, etc.

Burn in the Forest 2004 and 2005, I assisted as a fire safety tech with the open fire performance.

I am also a supervisor with the Black Rock City Emergency Services Department in the Communications branch and have volunteered with the Fire Arts Safety Team at Burning man in 2010 and 2011.”

Sharon Parker:
Owner-operator of 2 Businesses, implemented from start-up to exit strategy. Extensive courses in Business Development and Business Management through Business Victoria.

I have a strong design and colour sense and have done multiple home renovations that have been structural, as well as cosmetic. I have coordinated tradesmen, volunteers and participated in major renovations for my current home with definite financial and time constraints for which I successfully completed on time! I also bring energy and enthusiasm as this community has provided me with a sense of belonging. I am truly grateful for and eagerly look for opportunities to contribute back to!

Liam Lavalle:
Liam has been five times to Burning Man, four of those with theme camp Après Ski. I was part of the build team for the Victoria EffiTree CORE project in 2011. I have a degree in fine and performing arts, theatre major, dance minor, and technical theatre minor. I have worked as a renovation contractor and builder and have been self-employed running a Pilates studio for the past nineteen years. Liam also has experience in facilitating groups through his volunteer work for the past four years with LIFE seminars parenting courses.

Chris (still needs a playa name) Marks:
Chris drifts in from the high seas and a few decades of construction/fabrication experience to assume a new role as understudy in facilitation, marketing, finance and communication for the Victoria CORE project. A ‘Stealth Virgin’, he infiltrated the ranks disguised as Santa and before you could hide the cookies he gave out lumps of coal and rolled on to the next Regional. A burner before he knew what the term meant, Chris is looking forward to his first trip Home in 2012.

Amara (not a playa name):

Amara is the sweetest little bad ass you will ever know. She will plan and execute an epic party, dance all night, and then run a marathon in the morning faster than you, in her spare time. The glue in the social matrix of local burners, this lady ain’t no Fehkor. She has thrown herself into making sure that PsychoPhilia gets to burn even though she may not attend the Playa this year. Friendly, competent, and a master of Fuckery, she epitomizes what people should think of when they conjure up an image of a local burner.

More to come!


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