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Fundraiser Update

Fundraiser Update

After much discussion with the CORE team we decided to stay local for fundraising. There are so many options available to a project in need of funding. These days there seems to be a Kickstarter or Indiegogo for everything. It’s a question of whether you think your project is capable to being funded through local resources or turning to a global audience. Although this is not a simple answer. And this is not a blog about the merits of online project funding.

The Psychophilia team wanted to kick it old-school so we threw a houseparty. In the spirit of the project we collaborated and pooled our resources together to throw an amazing party. Ashes lead our intrepid team; Kate ran the bar and in-person ticket sales, not to mention playing Treasurer; Mike (one of the generous home dwellers); and a variety of people helped with setup/teardown, bar, music, and Leave No Trace.

With the help of our amazing local BurnVic Community as well as the Burner Curious we raised $1376.90! We are over 80% funded! We wanted to celebrate the good news with everyone before we buckle down for the final push. Now that we know where we stand we will be applying for an art grant from Kindle Art Society, our local non-profit organization which seeks to empower and inspire everyone to nurture their inner artist.

We have an abundance of supplies to complete the project. Now we need to tackle the logistics of transporting a giant head to Burning Man.

Psychophilia also made its first appearance at Otherworld, Victoria’s Regional Burning Man event, this past weekend. After some major time and effort to complete the face in time, Kym, Matt, Liam, and their build team assembled the first 5 panels of the project at the event. They also invited participants to add their own thoughts to the project by choosing to decorate a piece. People find inspiration in everything. The idea is to capture what inspires our community. This project is ongoing so please contact us if you are interested in contributing your thoughts.

Photo courtesy of Luke Szczepanski: