Oh my goodness! The Man burns in 52 days! Over the past few weeks, this project has become very real. We’ve thrown several build parties, thrown a big fundraiser party, workshops, and had countless meetings to bring this CORE project to life. And we could not have done it without YOU!

The Victoria CORE team would like to thank the following people for financially supporting the project:

  • Tracy Kendrick
  • Becky Black
  • JoJo Poole
  • Cam McLeod
  • Carmella Cooper
  • Kathryn Dunn
  • Heinrich Spilker
  • J Fairhead
  • J Nash
  • E Mitchell
  • Danielle Bell
  • Pat Custodio
  • Stacey Ness

We would also like to thank the Victoria community for supporting this project. By volunteering your time, partying your asses off, and spreading the word this will be one of the biggest flames on the playa!

We are close to our financial goal. There are still transportation costs that still need attention. If you can, please consider donating.

Click here to donate.


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